From our beloved Nala By Alec Webb

From our beloved Nala It was nearly twenty years ago when I was first brought home, I had been living on the streets, but someone had pity on me. Thank you for all those years you gave me. I know you loved me and I loved you back. But now is the time to say farewell. I am gone but know I am not forgotten. I know you were always there when I needed to be touched and stroked, and given my favourite treat. I would often be naughty, I would hide away in my favorite sunny spots and sleep all day and when you wanted me in at night I would not obey, but would stay out all night and curl up on the garden chairs. The shed roof was also one of my favorite spots and if I managed to get into the loft that was like heaven. One time I was there for three days and it was fun to watch you as tried so many ways to get me to come down. But I was loyal to you, I trust I was able to return the love you gave me.
I ask now that you do not mourn for me, but be glad that we had those years together. I have gone but the memories linger. I suffer no more and am in a better place where age no longer affects me. I was just a cat that was truly loved and cared for by wonderful people, when you went away and left me. It was always good though , to see you on your return home, I would listen every day for the sound of your car coming down the street and make sure that I was there to greet you. Love you for ever, your friend Nala the Cat

in Loughborough, United Kingdom


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