Death stories

Ode to the Australian Huntsman spider

"Huntsman spiders, members of the family Sparassidae, are known by this name because of their speed and mode of hunting. They are total assholes."...

Luke Simmons

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The Day Scotland Sucked

That... was... hilarious! Oh you shat the bed, didn't ye? Yes, you! 'People'! (insert diarrhea noise)...

Christopher Jordan

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Aborting the Old

I seen one of those 'meme's' the other day, of an 87 year old woman with a big, smug smile holding a sign that said 'Say no to assisted suicide'....

Christopher Jordan

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Blood (explicit content)

I bleed a lot. It's weird, but no matter what I'm doing,, brushing my teeth, wiping my ass, shaving, shagging, shopping, sneezing, sleeping, vomiting, ....

Christopher Jordan

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I arrive back in Ohio on a bleak, chilly February afternoon. My brother greets me with a hug and a joint, and we chat about my flight and gossip during the 45 minute ride to my parent’s house....

Betty H

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Walking Antietam Battlefield, Maryland USA

In America we walked the Civil War battlefield at Antietam on a clear and windy afternoon, autumnal, bucolic and subtly deceptive....

Lee Kear

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