Stand up really? By Daisy Shepherd

“Hi what’s up mum?”

“I just thought I would speak to my favorite son.”

“What is big brother not free?

“Yeah so I thought I would speak to my second favorite son but he’s not free either so it had to be you!”

Why do children think something is up when you call them?

Can you not just want to hear their sweet voices?

Well no but you do want to know they are still alive and coping with exam pressure. So I decided to go into stand up the year my mum died 2103, as a distraction for the grieving process, or either that to get back at my children.

I remember my first ever gig, I told no none not even myself. If I was going to die on stage, it would be alone.

Having not read the small print on the comedy course I was doing I found myself, at the height of the Edinburgh fringe festival, doing my first gig. Not a great place to start because if you fail it can be quite a spectacular fall.

So I walk on stage and having practiced lifting the mic from the stand during the course. I lift the mic and the stand collapses, and I get a laugh. Not a bad start I think. And I am addicted. The adrenaline buzz, the fear of failure, the opportunity to meet younger men. No I didn’t say that darling I say to my children. They took my quote out of context.

in Edinburgh, Scotland, United Kingdom


A late starter in comedy though some would say that I have been a joker all my life. I like challanges so nothing greater than standiing in front of a pleasantly drunk crowd of Scottish people.

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