Happy Days By Jamie J. Buchanan

Her bare feet dance across the soft green grass, her body poised gracefully like a dancer mid pirouette. The Frisbee hovers towards her and she reaches out to grab it, one long slender arm reaching for the disc whilst she balances in harmony with gravity.

Her summer dress rides up her thigh as she stretches, more of her tanned slim legs are revealed from beneath the floral pattern. The muscles in her calves strain as she stretches, holding her body in place as the plastic disc pauses in mid-air.

She grabs at it, her fingers grasping the curved edge just before it begins its descent.

The woman’s body relaxes slightly now that she holds the caught toy. She takes a deep breath, her chest expands and strains against the tight fitting cotton frock. Her long blonde hair is brushed back by the sea breeze, fresh off the Indian Ocean and now blowing through Fremantle on a warm Sunday afternoon.

A pause – her children await the return of their Frisbee. Her eyes crinkle slightly as a smile comes to her lips. Flushed, full of life, she flicks her wrist and sends the disc back towards her kids.The breeze floats past, carrying her happiness with it.

in Fremantle, Western Australia, Australia


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