From Teddy Boy to Man By Alec Webb

The Making of a Man

It was around 1955, the era of the “Teddy Boy”, Oh what a time that was. Life was exciting and after the war, it was a time when life began to have some colour again. Born just before WW2 started, I grew up in those war years and was finding exciting new things to do after it ended in 1945. We spent our time drinking milk shakes, (that was "in thing" in those days,) The rollerskating rink, the pubs, and the snooker hall , with a great deal of “girl chasing” and rock and roll records. We would go to the local record shops and listen to the latest 78"s on the headphones that were provided. It was not long before LP records appeared and we were to be found carrying our records around to our friends houses to have a "jam session." It was like carrying two suitcases.
1956 saw a change as I was “called up” for National Service. It was time for my 2 years in the Army. I learned much, most of all I found that life had much more than all the “pleasure” I had enjoyed as a “Teddy Boy”. I had become a man. On my release I went back to the employment I had before I went in and met a lovely girl who was a Christian I had shown some interest in this during my time in the Army, and it was through her that I was introduced to a church where I had a “personal” experience with Jesus I accepted Him as my Saviour and have followed Him ever since. I am now in my “twylight” years and do not regret one moment of all those years.

in Loughborough, United Kingdom


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