Disaster stories

Holiday Illness

Got told this story last night at football training and had to share it. One of the local lads was recently on holiday with his girlfriend in Tenerife (I think) although this matters little to the story. Anyway it didn't work out as planned as the girlfriend spent most of the holiday unwell and loc

Liam Fleming


The World Has Cancer! A TRUE STORY

Doc: Hello Mr Earth. Thanks for coming. Got your results back. It's not good I'm afraid... You have Cancer!

Earth: Oh God! Really?

Doc: I'm Afraid So!

Earth: Where?

Doc: Everywhere.

Earth: How did this happen? What can I do about it?

Stu Pop Fisher


The dangers of cliff jumping in Jamaica

Warning: The subject of this story has not been named and will have probably already forgotten about the incident.

About two months ago, I visited Rick's Cafe in Jamaica. It's a beautiful cliff top bar overlooking crystal clear waters. It's as close to paradise as you'll get.

Luke Simmons


April Fools Joke on Myself

Today being 1st April, also known as ‘April Fools Day’ where we tend to play jokes on one another.

Well, today I managed to play a pretty concerning joke on myself by applying hair remover cream to my eyes instead of ‘eye cream’. Both products are in similar containers in the same bathroom cabinet draw.

Lorraine Penn


David's Morning

2 nights ago, my buddy, let's call him 'David', came to crash at my place after a show. I passed out about half one, he stayed awake.

Turns out that night, David had gotten so stressed out about "something" that he smoked all my cigarettes and took a toilet clogging dump (and bare with me here,

Christopher Jordan


Driving Me up the Wall

My mother is a terrible driver in America, so I don’t know what made her think she could drive in Ireland. Irish surface roads are at best one-and-a-half lanes, lined on both sides with chest-high rock walls.

During a gorgeous drive through the countryside, our rental car and one of the aforementioned rock walls found themselves entangled.

Jess Blanchard