Travelling stories

Siblings Stick Together. Sometimes.

I did a fair bit of travelling with my sister and my parents when I was young. Some would say this kind of experience would be enlightening to a chil...

Andy Thompson

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Getting shot at in Brazil

Many years ago, I was on a work-related road trip with my business partner & we decided to break up the return journey by stopping at a seemingly deserted gas station for a coffee....

Juvencio Santos

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Holiday Illness

Got told this story last night at football training and had to share it. One of the local lads was recently on holiday with his girlfriend in Tenerif...

Liam Fleming

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System change required at Melbourne Airport.

After a long flight we disembarked at Melbourne Airport. I had my epassport processed in the machine before duty free and held my receipt ticket....

Tina Gale

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What a contrast

Our day began with an early start to catch the sunrise. Our overnight stop was a hotel near the town of Midelt, Morocco....


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Mt Bromo Hubris

I enjoyed my 4.00am chicken porridge and steaming coffee as I watched scores of young backpackers trudging past on their way to see the sun rise over Indonesia from the top of Mt Bromo, Java....

Darren Adams

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