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I Am The Sexiest Man Alive (well, almost)

Earlier this year I was nominated as one of the top twenty sexiest men on the Gold Coast. Which is weird considering I'm not very sexy, and I'm definitely not a top of anything. I stood out in the competition. I was the only one wearing a shirt, and I'm the fattest person ever to be nominated for the title.

Chris Begg


Bitten On The Ass By Stand Up Comedy

As definitely one of the weirdest things I've done in my life, I started doing stand-up comedy here in Brazil last year. It's as good as a learning experience as it is a challenge. I'm not up there with the best. But I don't suck either.

So yesterday, I did a show in the afternoon for the local

Luke Simmons


My North End Years

My North End Years

Dark and stark, remote and forbidding Ridden with crime and full of danger So said some, so said many - of my North End

A child, learning to learn and ready to race Arriving in a new world - wide, strange and entrancing Eager to explore, eager to embrace - my North End

Bill Jarrard


The funny thing about laughing

I love U2, but you need to see the first one to understand the plot.

Did you laugh? No? Well that’s a shame. Because it’s been proven that Laughing has amazing benefits that cover all facets of physical & mental health. It even helps improve your immune system!

Stu Pop Fisher


Hold the Lemon, Please.

I worked as a bartender for a number of years in my early twenties and, when the hotel I worked for closed down, I applied for a job at The Roxy, a now-defunct venue that used to showcase some fantastic bands. I was excited because I would, hopefully, see some bands that I adored.

Andy Thompson


Real Adventures and Lessons from a young Boy’s Life

As we get older, I’ve just turned 60, we realize if we’re lucky, that much of who we are and have been was formed in younger years. My formative years, years that shaped my values, beliefs, style and much of my personality, were when I was 7-10 living in the North End of Winnipeg Canada and which I

Bill Jarrard