Food stories

Chops or Sausages

When I was a young child my mother placed, upon my small shoulders, the following onerous decision: chops or sausages?...

Genevieve Frew

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Who Cut the Cheese?

I really admire smokers for their stoic obstinance in the face of adversity. They are fast taking over the title of most persecuted minority group in society....

Andy Thompson

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Dinner and a Show

I used to live near a KFC and was a regular customer at this franchise when I had a hangover, which was nearly every Sunday afternoon....

Andy Thompson

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So hot I can't hear

My partner is Vietnamese and loves chili. In fact, she once said to me "I like chili so hot that I can't hear". OK then....


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Sub of the Day

Having spent the first few months of my time in London drinking my savings away it was time to get real, get a job and find a real house....

Brendan McKenzie

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My Magical Muffin Adventure - Part 1

It may be hard to believe, but when I was a teenager I was quite the ladies man. Up until the age 17 I was rarely without a girlfriend, even though I couldn't quite grow a decent looking beard. ...

Chris Begg

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