Music stories

Get Me To The Festival

When I was 17, I set off with a group of friends to check out the Planeta Atantida music festival which was a 1h30min drive away from my home town. In our group was my friend, my (then) ex, his new girlfriend & an exchange student from NZ.

With the temperature hitting 30deg, we set off on the journey in my ex's newly purchased rust bucket.

Bila Boolz


It's a Broad Lic Nic!

I wanted to become a comedian when I first heard Bill Cosby. I felt the same when I was introduced to the Doug Anthony All Stars (D.A.A.S.) in the late ‘80s. We used to sit late at night at boarding school and listen to their album Icon while nibbling contraband biscuits, giggling furtively while reciting the lyrics, hoping we wouldn't get caught.

Andy Thompson


Backstage with the Oils

It was 1998 and I'd just came back from the EuroTrip with the lads, post-university. I'd really missed the fair shores of Australia, especially after a long and dreary-weathered European winter. Just before we arrived back, my mates and I received the news that one of the boys back home had managed to arrange (read.

Nate Simmons