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I Hate You. Period.

I wrote a song once called "I Hate You, Period"… but everyone thought I was singing the full stop. So I changed it to "I Hate Menses", so now it soun...

Jennifer Burke

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Festival Problems

My dick... is... the weirdest fuckin' thing you'll ever see on a human body, on it's best day! And I know all dicks look like shit, hanging outta you...

Christopher Jordan

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Who Cut the Cheese?

I really admire smokers for their stoic obstinance in the face of adversity. They are fast taking over the title of most persecuted minority group in society....

Andy Thompson

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Too much information

My friend Hannah and I were travelling the 'Gringo trail' in South America a few years ago and along the way we made a couple of travel companions Do...

Caroline Knight

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Not Quite Right

I tried a bucket bong at a party one night, & for hours I thought I could hear voices in my head; so I started an acapella group... obviously. But then people just thought I had Tourettes....

Jennifer Burke

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The Personality Smear

It should be compulsory to regularly test for personality abnormalities; this might help to solve the riddle of the arctic weather conditions that ha...

Jennifer Burke

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