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Brain Break Imagineering - Need an idea? Take a nap!

I’ve always been a visual person, which is why I like the creative thinking skill of Imagineering – imagine what might be and engineer it into reality. So when a Byte Stories email arrived telling me a competition for best liked stories ended in 48 hours, I knew I had to take action.

Bill Jarrard


The Devil is in the Detail

I had always thought replicating currency was the sole domain of shady, extremely successful gangster types so it came as somewhat of a surprise when I was first exposed to dodgy bills by an old man driving a beat-up Holden Gemini while working in a drive-through bottle shop.

Andy Thompson


Edward de Bono’s Serious Creativity - Seven People That Changed My Life 4

In 1986 I was in my first senior management role. Alan had promoted me to manage Admin for the bank’s data processing which as usual I wasn’t qualified to do. This included Finance, HR, 8 Computer Facilities and Computer Security - 9 managers and 200 staff.

Bill Jarrard


Bill Conway to Dr. Deming - Seven People That Changed My Life 5

Shortly after becoming a senior manager I attended a 6-week residential executive program at the Australian Graduate School of Management. There I heard about Total Quality Management (TQM) and sometime later went to a seminar with Bill Conway, ex-President of Nashua who was talking about the subject.

Bill Jarrard



After university, I drove 1800km up to Brisbane for a bit of a working holiday. Having no experience, I became frustrated at the lack of interest my resume was gathering so I pounced on this plum-looking Marketing & Sales job which read “NO EXPERIENCE NECESSARY”.

Luke Simmons


The BIG Comedy Club in Town

This is an event that I should just let die and be forgotten with time, but fuck it.

Here in Post/Pre-Cameron's Britain, we have a way of doing things! If you wanna do stand-up here, you do the open mic circuit a few times, do a few sterile college nights, and wait 12-36 months for your big moment! 8 minutes at The Stand Comedy Club!

Christopher Jordan