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Bitten On The Ass By Stand Up Comedy

As definitely one of the weirdest things I've done in my life, I started doing stand-up comedy here in Brazil last year....

Luke Simmons

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Our technology rules our lives

I haven't written a story for a couple of months , have I been to busy ,no ideas ,or just plain lazy ....

Ron Hailes

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Scraping The Bottom Of The Bottle

Returning home drunk one night, I fell over out the front of my house at 2am and smashed through a table and a landed on half a pot glass....

Tom Middlebrook

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Pub Toilet Graffiti and the Art of Avoiding Sectarian Violence

Graffiti’s not new. When they weren’t out subjugating barbarians, the Romans festooned their walls with phalluses....

Baz McAlister

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Man up

I like to think of myself as a pretty manly guy. I play AFL football, I'm a tradie and I love having a beer with my mates at the pub. ...

Evan Hocking

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Bill Conway to Dr. Deming - Seven People That Changed My Life 5

Shortly after becoming a senior manager I attended a 6-week residential executive program at the Australian Graduate School of Management....

Bill Jarrard

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