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Bitten On The Ass By Stand Up Comedy

As definitely one of the weirdest things I've done in my life, I started doing stand-up comedy here in Brazil last year. It's as good as a learning experience as it is a challenge. I'm not up there with the best. But I don't suck either.

So yesterday, I did a show in the afternoon for the local

Luke Simmons


Our technology rules our lives

I haven't written a story for a couple of months , have I been to busy ,no ideas ,or just plain lazy .None of the above, I simply stood on my laptop and broke the screen . It would be fair to ask why I didn't just replace it straight away ? Surely I cant live without a laptop.

Ron Hailes


Scraping The Bottom Of The Bottle

Returning home drunk one night, I fell over out the front of my house at 2am and smashed through a table and a landed on half a pot glass. I was home alone and came to washing my hands free of blood in the bathroom not sure why my leg felt wet...

Turns out it looked like a shark had bitten me just above my butt.

Tom Middlebrook


Pub Toilet Graffiti and the Art of Avoiding Sectarian Violence

Graffiti’s not new. When they weren’t out subjugating barbarians, the Romans festooned their walls with phalluses. The Vikings only started invading other countries because they’d run out of space in their own toilet cubicles. And one-third of all Neanderthal cave paintings can be translated loosely as ‘I’ve had Ug’s mum’.

Baz McAlister


Man up

I like to think of myself as a pretty manly guy. I play AFL football, I'm a tradie and I love having a beer with my mates at the pub.

So when I had to borrow my girlfriends car for a few days which is a 1998 Ford Fes. Well, it's a Ford Festiva but half the badge is missing.

Evan Hocking


Bill Conway to Dr. Deming - Seven People That Changed My Life 5

Shortly after becoming a senior manager I attended a 6-week residential executive program at the Australian Graduate School of Management. There I heard about Total Quality Management (TQM) and sometime later went to a seminar with Bill Conway, ex-President of Nashua who was talking about the subject.

Bill Jarrard