Socialising stories

Dinner and a Show

I used to live near a KFC and was a regular customer at this franchise when I had a hangover, which was nearly every Sunday afternoon. After one brutal evening of debauchery, I was in a sorry state of disrepair. While I was crawling to my bed like an infant after vomiting in the shower at 1pm, I kn

Andy Thompson


Hold the Lemon, Please.

I worked as a bartender for a number of years in my early twenties and, when the hotel I worked for closed down, I applied for a job at The Roxy, a now-defunct venue that used to showcase some fantastic bands. I was excited because I would, hopefully, see some bands that I adored.

Andy Thompson


Show Us Ya Tits

Don’t you hate it when guys drive along & yell out, “Show us ya tits!”… but they don’t stop? Fellaaazz… I need more time!

I’m sick of the next car getting a free show, & the one after that telling me to “Put ‘em awaaaay!”… “Oops, sorry Dad, I was just saying hello to the new neighbours… they are SUPER friendly.

Jennifer Burke


I'm glad I don't have to date anymore.

Dating is hell, time consuming and at times so stressful I felt like getting a cat didn't seem such a ridiculous idea after all.

Thankfully the cat idea passed.

After 7 long years I became single and was launched into the world of dating which as you can tell I didn't particularly enjoy.

Paul McDougall


Small Town

The taxi collected me from the hotel as the blistering sun began to sink below the horizon, bathing Cable Beach in a swathe of orange. The humidity clung to me like glue, visceral and omniscient at this time of year. My clothes were plastered to my perspiring skin, moisture condensing on every glassy surface.

Jamie J. Buchanan


3D Logic

Back in Ukraine, when we were kids, my friend and I always came up with dubious ideas to keep ourselves entertained.

One such idea was inspired by a short documentary on shadow theatre we saw together. Immediately after watching it we decided to set up a makeshift shadow theatre at home.

Daniel Nest