College/University stories

Drunken Decisions

One ominous night out on the town with my friends turned out to be one I will never forget.

After a few hours at a friend’s place for a pre-drinks session we headed off to the infamous “Hatfield Square”, a popular party spot where university students met up most Thursday evenings.

Kyle Michael Saunders


New Day

The dawn light crept over the far bank of the Swan River like the terminus – black in front, grey behind, barely changing the quality of the light. Dominique, my girlfriend for that term at Uni, and I were still dressed in our formals. Dominique was fetching in a lime ball gown, and I was well, formal, in a dinner suit with black tie.

Ted Witham


Making beds in the army (Jan - Mar 2000)

During the university/college break, I decided to join the army reserves with 4 mates & go through the initial boot camp over our break. When I got there, we were immediately "broken" & built back up in the way that the army deemed fit. It was an intense experience.

Luke Simmons


Big Dan (explicit)

Big Dan man. Where do I start. Right, there's this guy, and his name's Big Dan. ...Nah, that's a terrible place to start. Sorry, right... em... Back in the myspace days, I knew this underground porn chick from town who did webcam shows, and long story short, on a night my buds were over, she linked me to one of her paid cam shows for free.

Christopher Jordan


I Got R*ped... Kinda

I was semi-raped a long, long time ago, at a party in Edinburgh thrown by a buddy of mine, sometime between high-school and college. It was a typical affair, all our friends getting together, drinking and seeing who could be the loudest, smoking weed out the window and hoping the guy's parents wouldn't come back early.

Christopher Jordan


An Old Face

I tried shoving my frail $20 note into the machine that would soon spit out my concession train ticket. Once I did it spat the note out faster than I forced it in. I had to find change somewhere.

I walked up the steps to leave the station, I looked back and saw a familiar face, it was my old teacher from High School.

Declan (D.)