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Baxter, Victoria, Australia

Faye is a mother of 3 and grandmother of 5. An active member of St Lukes Anglican church and previous committee member of U3A. She found her WW1 relative through DNA testing.

April 5, 2013
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Memories from the mid 1900's

When the 1914-18 commenced Dad went to enlist but was refused because of his health, however Dad’s saying was “what I was born with I will die with”, but later he had to have dentures so I think that must have upset him!

During the war Dad was put to work in Melbourne making horse stalls for the ships that transported the horses to war service.



The Perfect Excuse

My Dad, Albert Valentine Lunt, was born in Maryborough, Victoria on Valentines Day 1892 and had younger a younger brother called Cyril. My recollections of Dad’s younger days are not very clear but I know that he worked at Phelan’s in Maryborough learning to be a cabinet maker.



Helping my Great Uncle rest in peace

On Saturday 21st Apr 2007 I sat in my comfy chair to read the newspaper and came to a heading, “Who Are the Anzacs known only to God in a Flanders Field?”

Soon I began to read of some Australian soldiers’ bodies being found by men digging in Belgium to lay gas pipes.