Bumblebee Is Hurt (1986) By Luke Simmons

This is one of my earliest memories from primary school.

Thanks to the new Optimus Prime toy I'd brought to school, I was admitted into the Transformers group.

We were all busily doing our own thing with some kicking up dust, others having wars and the poor lonely souls without Transformers looking on as we had a ball.

Even through I don't remember why, I disliked Boy X (I forget his name). He was kind of a smartass to me which was probably made worse because he had Bumblebee which was yellow and cool.

So we're all playing along and all you could hear was, "Ahhhhh Crassssshhhhh", or "I'm gonna get you Decepticon!".

Then Boy X yells out, "Ahhh! Bumblebee is hurt!". And we all play along, "That's OK Bumblebee, we'll come and help you! Ahhhhh Crassssshhhhh"


"Bumblebee's really broken...." :CRYING NOW:

We all looked around to see Boy X holding a decrepit looking Bumblebee who was now missing an arm.

With Boy X now inconsolable, Optimus Prime and I took it as our cue to get the hell out of there.

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