Down In Hell By Nick O'Connell

My work is hell. Sort of.

It's mostly a construction site at the moment and I'm hardly a tradie. I'm a shelf stacker. It's musty, dusty and the air conditioning isn't on and it's very hot. Hotter than Hell.

I'm wearing long black pants, boots and a long sleeve shirt and I'm far from being as cool as a cucumber.

Our only safe haven, or Heaven if you will, is the break room. It's a chilly 16 degrees, but the cool relief doesn't last long once we return to the furnace.

Sure, there are worse places in the world. But I'm upper middle class, and I must suffer the slings and arrows of outrageous fortune.

in Adelaide, South Australia, Australia


Nick O'Connell is an aspiring comedian and writer from Adelaide. He one day hopes to be an inspiring comedian and writer from Adelaide.

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