Hand busting work in the quarries By Mick Skrijel

After arriving in Hamilton from Glenthompson on foot (30 miles), I worked at Mensal Bluestone Quarry for several weeks.

My job was breaking huge bluestone rocks with a sledgehammer into smaller pieces so that they can then lift and load into a steel container which a truck picks up and take to the crusher. It was then crushed into bluestone which was used to build roads. The work was very hard. My hands were bleeding continuously.

I worked there for several weeks until the same Police Officer, who had come to visit me several times to see how I was going, told me that some of my Yugoslavian countrymen were in town and they were painting around the place and that he will come to pick me up after I finished work so that he could take me to see him. He said that painting was much easy than breaking rocks for the Quarry.

That night, I met those painters and they agreed to give me a job. I gave notice at the Quarry and I thanked the owner very much for giving me a chance to work.

in Hamilton, Victoria, Australia


I was born on 1/3/1941 in Yugoslavia and moved to Australia in 1961 looking for a peaceful life. Here is my story.

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