The School Run By Mary Webb

At last all the kids in the car, school clothes found, yesterdays homework done, breakfast eaten and the usual last minutes have "to do" gone, now ready to go just about in time I hope. All's well until the car decides to stall on the brow of a hill by the Stop street.

Try as much as I like it just was not responding. Getting more and more up tight, especially as by this time there was a long line of cars behind and then there was that perpetual "beep beep" coming from the car behind, a rather large man with his hand stuck to the horn.

I don't know how long it took, but I have to admit I lost it, well and truly. The next thing I knew I was by this man's car shouting for all to hear "I tell you what mister, you start my car and I will sit and beep your horn" Well not another word was said, he strode to the car and of course it started for him. I got in and drove away very embarassed. At least I didn't let myself down completely by sitting in his car and doing the "beeping."

This all happened in South Africa many moons ago and not something I'm proud of. I certainly wouldn't recommend such behaviour on the roads today. But I often wonder if the big fella is cured of beeping to damsals in distress. I think this was road rage before the words were invented. What do you think ?

in Pretoria, Gauteng, South Africa


I am an old wrinkley who is blessed with 7 children 11 grandchildren. Always liked to tell stories about my past, and rarely write them down, hoping to give enjoyment.

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