Scorned in Paris By Maria Santos

My friend (Vania) and I were sightseeing in Paris and were trying to locate Notre Dame and we were ready to ask anyone for directions given our lack of situation. We walked passed a group of cafés and I thought of asking one of the waiters whether he could point us in the right direction. He was half way through his explanation and then his colleague walked by and somehow tipped his tray of ice cream onto my lap. At this moment, I kind of froze and then started to slowly walk away, totally unsure about what to do. I then stopped in my tracks, walked around and then thought that these guys should look after me! They have a bathroom! It’s the least that they can do in this situation! With this confidence, I walked almost straight into the little café but was stopped by the boss lady. This woman hadn’t seen the event but was convinced that we had ulterior motives. You see, in this area, the toilet to tourist ratio is not-quite-right so they’re used to people dwindling their way in to save the €1.50 fee for non-clients. She blocked my way to the toilet with her arm and I stretched my French to the limit as I tried to explain what had just happened. She did not budge and I finally lost my cool telling her “que te vajas tomar en el culo” which is widely known even by the French. With that, we left.

in Paris, France


I'm a proud mother who enjoys travelling and avoiding embarrassing situations - most of which have been recounted here.

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