Charity case walk By Liam Fleming

It was a charity event at work - our task; scale Ben Nevis. Simple. In many ways it was (for me) not so much for some others though.

Up at 6 am most were bedded around 10, some rebels staying till 12. Me? I think I made it in around 2. This isn't about me being Billy Big Bollocks but I feel it adds some humour as the story unravels.

There we are, at the base of our Nemesis for the next 6 hours or so, everyone in their new attire, jackets, boots, 'walking trousers' (I thought all trousers were for walking in) you get the picture, there were even walking sticks despite no one having such a support need. Me? In joggers, a T & Nike trainers with a Tesco bag, yes a Tesco bag: filled with milk, ham and anything else leftover from the team's breakfast.

After 15 mins we get our first complaint from a member of our team - sarcastically saying out of breath, "are we there yet..." Oh dear, this could be a long day.

As we go on we realise one individual - (the most prepared with 'new gear') is going to struggle badly, at one point even being overtaken by a man with no legs. Seriously, he had Oscar Pistorius like lower limbs but unlike him seemed a nice man, even congratulating our friend as he re-overtook our differently abled comrade. If I learned anything it was that no matter what, we are all differently abled.

We split as some are faster (ask your Mum about that) and I get strange looks as I descend.

From many I passed, “Didn’t know there was a Tesco at the top?"

in Ben Nevis, United Kingdom


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