Getting shot at in Brazil By Juvencio Santos

Many years ago, I was on a work-related road trip with my business partner & we decided to break up the return journey by stopping at a seemingly deserted gas station for a coffee.

As we walked back towards our car, we noticed a couple of guys suspiciously looking at us & talking amongst themselves.

We didn't think anything of it & got in the car & started to continue on our journey home. However, things started getting a little strange when they also got in their cars & started driving behind us.

Paranoia kicked in & I sped up believing that they could be criminals looking to carjack us. Then THEY sped up & started tailing us. "What's going on?!?" we both thought.

Next, we heard a couple of gun shots & we made the split second decision to duck our heads to give ourselves a chance if they got lucky.

As we looked up (still travelling at 80mph), we noticed the car had significantly sped up & then proceeded to cut us off forcing us to stop. We were kind of resigned to the fact we were about to be robbed so decided to be cooperative.

Four armed men then jumped out of the car & started yelling at us to get out & place our hands on the hood.

"Please take what you want. We have families. Don't kill us!", I said to one of them trembling in fear.

"It's ok, you can go. We're police. We saw you back there & we were looking for two drug dealers & you guys fit the description. Sorry".

Brazilian policing in the 70's.... Shoot first, apologise later.

in Pelotas - Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil


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