Volunteering with HIV orphans By Judith Bond

What a privilege, joy and heart warming experience it has been to volunteer at the Agape Home. For seven weeks, I gave educational fun and strategy activities to 48 school age children, mostly HIV and orphan. Most of the children have their own heart breaking story, physical and educational needs. I taught conversation English, with all instructions in English.

I had taken plastic scoobies. The children loved braiding plastic scoobies, making key chains, fish, heart and helicopter shapes. Many made up to 10 scoobies on the one ring! I ran out of plastics!

We visited a child in hospital twice, giving him an activity pack to fill his hours, which he received with delight. One 39 year old HIV lady passed away in hospital and the Christian funeral service, held at the home, attended by staff and students. www.nikkisplace.org

I loved the 1 on 1 time with a child. This special time gave me great satisfaction. On the last morning, I spent two hours with one child who was receiving oxygen. Others came and sat nearby; small groups were a special time.

The final week, the children made a leather scoobie. After the farewell concert, I handed the children their own Agape memory album. They were so pleased to have photos of their own, having not previously owned anything like this. I was stoked, it was so special. It was a memorable and happy self funded mission trip.

in Chiang Mai, northern Thailand


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