Give me some kind of sign By Evan Hocking

I tend to zone out a bit when I drive which is not great and my mind drifts to other places. I've relised there's a few road signs we see every day that confuse me and I wonder what a few of them mean.

The first thing that confuses me are zebra crossings. When I pull up at one, I wait for them but they never come.

I saw a sign the other day that said "ROADWORKS AHEAD", I thought, I hope so! As a road how do you stuff that up? The job description of a road is, lay down and don't move, it's not that hard.

I saw this one "DIP", great who brought the biscuits?

Driving in the country I saw this "ADOPT A HIGHWAY". Has Angelina Jolie enquired about that? She's adopted everything else there is to adopt.

If you ever drive from Cairns to Port Douglas in Queensland you will see a sign that says "FALLING ROCKS". No, it doesn't, it's embarrassing and it hurts..........

So next time you're driving just ask yourself what the road sign is really telling you.

in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia


Got his start in radio in Port Douglas but has bought his punchy delivery and observational style back to Melbourne. A regular at sporting clubs and functions around Victoria.

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