3 Guys and a Girl By Evan Hocking

I hear a lot of people when they talk about marriage, say "it's great, I married my best friend". That's great for them, what about me? My best mates already married.

I'm at an age where all my friends are getting married and having kids. My girlfriend and I aren't at that stage though. But we are looking to take the next step in our relationship because we don't live together. We're doing it a little differently than most people though, because I live in Airport West and my girlfriends moved from Melbourne to Geelong for Uni. So that's a different way of taking the next step. Move further away from each other.

She's actually moved in with 3 guys. That's right her and 3 other guys. So as her boyfriend you can imagine what my first thought is.


No female housemates to perv on..........

in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia


Got his start in radio in Port Douglas but has bought his punchy delivery and observational style back to Melbourne. A regular at sporting clubs and functions around Victoria.

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