Last reunion By Deb Williams

Reunion with loved ones is a very precious thing. The photo depicts my 84-year-old mother sharing a spa with her three daughters in Caloundra when we spent a wonderful 3 weeks together in 2001.

With her and me living in South Africa, one sister in Canada and the other in Australia, getting together took a fair bit of planning and could not happen too often. Each rare occasion was eagerly anticipated and the steadily growing holiday savings gloated over once a firm date had been set.

My mother’s energy and can-do attitude was legendary. This enabled us to enjoy many fun-filled activities with her, even when she hit her eighties. She was highly indignant when she was required to have a second form filled in by her doctor before being granted her visa for this visit.

Our love, understanding and acceptance of one another was a deep pool of harmony and joy in which we swam with abandon. We celebrated our similarities and respected our differences.

Sightseeing trips, walks on the beach, taking turns with food provision and preparation, long cozy talks in the evenings, helpless laughter and silliness - four friends making the most of every precious minute.

Her three daughters treasure the memories of this last special time together.

in Caloundra, Queensland, Australia


I love life! Until 2010 life in South Africa was great, and now life in Australia is great. Consciously choosing to remain focussed on the positive really works, and my life is testimony to that.

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