Drunken Marathon By Daniel Newport

It started over drinks, as all outrageous stories do.

With drinks flowing I found myself in an argument with friends about our running abilities which led to me making what I thought was a smart bet When I awoke the next day I was reminded by my bet through a series of text messages.

Txt 1: I cant believe you have to complete the half marathon (21.1km) coming up in 5 weeks.

"I can do that"

Txt 2: Oh yeah don't forget you have to do it in under 1hr, 50 min. "Hmm, yeah, that's doable"

Txt 3: Cant believed you agreed to do it off an all night bender, no sleep and no time to sober up.


As silly as it was a bets a bet, I'm a man of my word and at the very least it'll make one well of a story.

So the day before the race arrives, my friends plan the day/night to keep me drunk. It was a cracking day that went something like this.

-10am Caulfield horse races, first beer by 11am -By 4pm I was heard saying, can we sit down my legs are tired. (16 hours before the race mind you) -7pm October Fest house party where I am seen doing numerous keg stands and drinking out of a boot -11pm the pub where the scotch flows -4am the Casino, need i say more, ouch -7am a sober friend picks me up and takes me to the race still with a vodka in hand

Honestly, the first 15km were a blur. I took my phone so the boys could get updates and heckle, ha!

2 km left and it was close. I finish. I look at the time. 1 hr 51. Nooo! I still can't believe my friends took my $300. Jerks.

in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia


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