Bride Blown Away By Daniel Newport

Down by the water in Kelowna is a great location for a wedding so it was no surprise to see one there last week. Summer here is great, the sun is always out and the views are magnificent. This day was no exception, well apart from the extreme wind that made for an entertaining ceremony.

I stopped to watch for a minute as they just announced you may now kiss the bride. The ceremony ended, everyone rushed off to find shelter from the wind. The newly married however stayed. Hmm, I was curious so I stayed also. Together they went to sign the documents that would see them legally bound together as husband and wife. Unfortunately this also brought them closer to the lake and closer to disaster.

As they lent over the table signing their lives away so to speak, a huge gust of wind blew from behind them lifting the poor brides dress well up above her head. Overwhelmed with embarrassment she scrambled to pull her dress back down but the dress now seemed to act like a parachute, with the wind now in full control of her fate. One could only laugh as her husband stood in shock as his gorgeous bride was blown 10 feet across the boardwalk and into the lake.

There will be some awkward explaining to do from the groom as it was the 55 year old female celebrant that was actually first to help his blown away bride.

Moral of the story..... Never go for a bike ride without your camera phone.

in Kelowna, BC, Canada


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