Aborting the Old By Christopher Jordan

I seen one of those 'meme's' the other day, of an 87 year old woman with a big, smug smile holding a sign that said 'Say no to assisted suicide'. Someone's decrepit old Nana pushing the 'life is precious' rhetoric.

I thought: Oh yeah?! You get back to me when you're 97 granny, when you're lying in a hospital bed, unable to move or speak, struggling to breath, leaking from every orifice, more cancerous growths than human, tubes sticking outta ya as you moan and mumble and drool incoherent nonsense at the cost of the ugly taxpayer! You really want us to stand over you in your sterile hospital bed as you caugh up phlem in lieu of the screams you so desperatelly fail to cry out and not allow you to die? Why not make your children watch as you're decayed alive? Watch them lean over your crusty, tear filled face as you beg for sweet release and hear them say, "No Grandma! You will have no rest from the suffering! We'll keep you alive in this torment for as long as possible!"

If you're 87, you should have died a long time ago anyway. You're so old, you barely have features, like a ballsack with specks. When I'm ready to die, I'd rather my kids to bash my fuckin' head in with a hammer, please! So leave the life decisions to the people who know what they're talking about you inappropriately possitive old hag!

in Scotland, United Kingdom


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