Smelly Lessons in Life By Camila Santos Simmons

When I was about 5 my mum had a demonstration of what you would call my "child's honesty". We got on a bus and took a seat.

Everything was going well until I heard and smelled a big fat fart. I went pale, and with wide open accusing eyes I shouted:

"Mum, did you fart?"

Her immediate reaction was:

"No I didn't, Camila!"

We repeated the dialogue a few more times, I wasn't convinced.

"Are you sure, mum?"

"Yes, I am sure!"

She said quietly, while pinching me, in a desperate attempt to make me shut up.

"Don't pinch me, I know it was you!"

A bit of laughter on the bus at this stage

My poor mum couldn't handle it any longer, I just remember we got off the bus about 5 stops earlier. Up to this day, she promises it wasn't her. To the person out there who never came forward, you scared her for life and so did I...

in Porto Alegre - Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil


Living life between Australia and Brazil, enjoying all things travel and writing at my blog.

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