Jennifer who showed me no challenge is out of reach - Seven People That Changed My Life 6 By Bill Jarrard

I 'met' Jennifer on 4 Jan 1997 while waiting in an office to see if anyone was using it while its normal resident was on leave. When she arrived I knew it was in use, so I went off and found someplace else to work.

It was day one of a new consulting assignment and shortly after starting I was asked me to take on a more urgent, important and risky project; and I knew I’d need help to get it done. I asked a colleague who he’d recommend and he directed me to Jennifer, the woman I’d ‘met’ a few days earlier.

She was happy to assist and over 3 weeks we interviewed staff, reviewed a lot of material, developed some innovative concepts, and completed a vital strategy for the business. In this time I knew I’d met someone who could brilliantly turn my ideas into working models and it was clear we were a great team. But then it went further.

We were both single and after 3 weeks Jennifer asked me to dinner, and in short we’ve been together ever since. Why? Because right from the start she has challenged me to be more than I am.

On our first date we talked about trekking to Mt Everest, which I’d always been told was beyond my capability, due to my weak leg from contracting Polio as a child. But next day Jen brought in info on treks to Nepal and in a week we were booked to go. That was one of our first adventures together and we’ve had many since then. Jen changed my life and continues to do so as we explore the world taking on new adventures as the mood strikes us.

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