Get Me To The Festival By Bila Boolz

When I was 17, I set off with a group of friends to check out the Planeta Atantida music festival which was a 1h30min drive away from my home town. In our group was my friend, my (then) ex, his new girlfriend & an exchange student from NZ.

With the temperature hitting 30deg, we set off on the journey in my ex's newly purchased rust bucket. We were buzzing with energy & really happy to be on a road trip for the first time without our parents - but then the car broke down. Thankfully, my ex was able to get it started & then we were off. Yay!

But then it stopped again. This was to happen another 11 times throughout the trip... Despite this, our moods could not be dampened. While stopped, we waved at the passing traffic heading to the festival from the top of the roof and, when it was time to push, I even helped despite wearing my heels. There was a real language barrier with our NZ friend because our English was pretty poor but he was having a great time as well.

We were 30km away from the festival & we finally decided to dump the car at a police station. It was getting really dark at this stage & I remember thinking a VW Bug coming towards was going to give us a lift - but all they did was slap my ex's girlfriend on her unsuspecting butt & drive off laughing!

After 4hrs, we finally arrived at the festival & saw all of the bands that were on our list which was great. We felt slightly embarrassed when we ran into some people from our journey - but not enough to care.

in Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil


I'm a Brazilian with a distinct lust for life. Give me good times, good art and good friends.

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