The Duke of Edinburgh didn't intend this... By Andy Boura

We were full of the energy and optimism of youth as we set out that day as we set off on our DofE expedition. Packs laden with two days provisions and overnight gear, only the bare essentials (well, there was a disagreement with our instructor there but to this day I will maintain that deodorant is, for teenage boys, in the presence of girls, essential).

We had diligently prepared our route and were confident of our map reading ability. However we were very puzzled...our route went between two quarries, and we could only see one. Danny headed for the high ground to get a better view, as he approached the summit a loud siren wailed, he turned and came flying down the hill, arms and legs going like you would never believe possible. The ground shook beneath our feet, the dust rose. The sound of shrapnel raining down, and a ringing in our ears, were the only this point it became apparent what had happened to the path between the quarries – it had been blown up with dynamite!

We eventually found a way around and only one member of the party was reduced to a teary nervous wreck! But hey, it's all part of the experience right? :)

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