A quick dip... By Andy Boura

We'd been for a walk through some woodland, down and around a valley, as we made our way back up to the car park we came upon a beautiful pool beneath a waterfall. As it was a hot day, and Paul being the sort he is, he used the no swimming sign to hang his clothes while he took a quick skinny dip. Thinking nothing of it as it's the sort of thing he's inclined to do we sat on a nearby log chatting. We didn't think much more about it. Then as he emerged from the pool dripping with his muscled and toned physique, and manhood, apparent for all to see - we heard a huge cheer. Looking further up the valley we saw the previously unnoticed viewing platform for the waterfall now occupied by at least one coach-load of appreciative tourists clapping and cheering. Not being the modest sort he gave them a cheery smile and a wave before replaced his clothing...I guess they got more interesting holiday snaps than normal that year. :)

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