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Last year’s Christmas party. I was looking forward to enjoying a nice dinner & hitting the clubs afterwards. Dinner was great, as was the beer & wines we were drinking. We said our goodbye’s to all the responsible ones & went in search of some bars. In one bar I fell over with a newly purchased beer into the lap of a bearded gentleman, luckily I didn’t spill a drop & he was laughing as he helped me to my feet. The next bar consisted of video games. If you haven't been drunk while playing video games, do it. You don’t care if you die in game. A few revelers had dropped off so the four of us went into a fancy bar & had some cocktails. Our custom wasn’t welcome for too long however, due to my inclination to wolf whistle along to the music. It was about this stage at 3am we decided to go home as I was crashing at my workmates house. We bought tickets for the train & then when we got on found ourselves on the quiet carriage. I decided to play a game with my fellow commuters, & being the quiet carriage, thought Charades would work best. Evidently, Jurassic Park is not a TV Show, nor is it easy to mime out. Along with that, some guy on the train objected to my being loud on the quiet carriage, so much so he wanted to hit me. Dude, it’s Charades, quietest game in the world! Luckily there was security there to help keep me safe. The night ended with my mate, his girlfriend & I taking selfies with traffic cones on our head in the local park at 4am on our way home. Good Times.

in Brisbane, Queensland, Australia


Small time gal from a country town. Wait, no that isn't right, but what the hell it's more interesting than anything else I have.

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