Transport stories

Get Me To The Festival

When I was 17, I set off with a group of friends to check out the Planeta Atantida music festival which was a 1h30min drive away from my home town....

Bila Boolz

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Show Us Ya Tits

Don’t you hate it when guys drive along & yell out, “Show us ya tits!”… but they don’t stop? Fellaaazz… I need more time! ...

Jennifer Burke

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The School Run

At last all the kids in the car, school clothes found, yesterdays homework done, breakfast eaten and the usual last minutes have "to do" gone, now ready to go just about in time I hope....

Mary Webb

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You Have the Right to Remain Terrified!

While driving to work this morning I saw a motorcycle cop, who was winding his way through a traffic jam on the freeway, yelling at people who were using their mobile phones....

Andy Thompson

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F%&K your stick figure family

If you’ve been nowhere near a road in the last four years, there are these stick figure stickers people attach to their rear windows....

Xavier Toby

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Sydney Transport

Recently I caught a plane to Sydney for a business related educational event. Unfortunately my flight leaving my hometown of Coffs Harbour was delay...

Lorraine Penn

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