A slice of pie anyone, erm maybe not. By Pieter Malherbe

A few years back, myself and my girlfriend at the time decided to go visit some friends in New York.

New York had the all the glitz and glamour that it proclaimed to have but there will always be one evening I'll remember when we were out and on our way back to Manhattan where we were living and passing through the Wall Street area at that point I slowly realised that I needed the toilet.

Now if I was in England I would have found an alley way that would have been the end of it but people had told me that the US were very strict on the public urination. On that notion, we went scouting for a place when we stumbled upon a pizzeria and at the back I saw a door that I assumed was a toilet, so I got my girlfriend to order us some slices while I went to the toilet.

I go to the door and opened it up and to my shock there was no visible toilet but all I could see were men in suits being caressed and seduced by ladies in just their knickers. After my initial shock I was determined to pee so I started wading through the ladies and their suggestions. I finally got to the toilets but was foiled by the locked and ROCKING doors, there was absolutely no chance I was getting in there. So I waded again past the ladies returning to my girlfriend where she was still waiting for the pizza slices. Convenient maybe?

I ended up risking it all by having a pee in an alley way narrowly having a police car driving by just after I finished.

We accidentally found a brothel, lucky no?

in New York, NY


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