Making beds in the army (Jan - Mar 2000) By Luke Simmons

During the university/college break, I decided to join the army reserves with 4 mates & go through the initial boot camp over our break. When I got there, we were immediately "broken" & built back up in the way that the army deemed fit. It was an intense experience.

Of a morning, we'd have 30sec from the hollar of the corporal before we had to wake up & present ourselves in front of our room with our bottom sheet on our left shoulder. After we'd all arrived (in time!!), we were instructed that we'd have 2-5min to complete our 1st morning task of perfectly making the bed - complete with a hospital corner and, after we'd all finished & reassembled, there would be an inspection where every bed would be looked over for any traces of tardiness. If ANY bed wasn't "squared away", everyone would have to return in 15sec with their bottom sheet on their left shoulder.

One such morning during about the 75% mark, I believe they tried to re-break us after we'd had a good run (see: gaining our 1st lots of praise) by being especially harsh. After the first round of making our beds & returning, they made us try again. And then ONE more. During the 3rd go, we were so flat but focussed on the annoying task at hand. Even though the tone of the corporal's voice was maxing out during his 3rd inspection, we were given justice at the end as he informed us that we'd passed. However, we'd been wasting time so we'd now have 20min less to clean up, get ready & eat. breakfast.


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