Cool Handling in a Crisis Situation By Luke Simmons

In June 2018, my wife (Camila) and 2 year old boy returned to Porto Alegre to visit family and friends. It happened to coincide with Camila's 40th, so we decided to rent a house which was at a lovely, but isolated spot in the countryside to have a big party.

Everyone and their families arrived late in the afternoon and the beers started flowing as soon as we got the Brazillian BBQ all fired up.

As a surprise, one of our friends had arranged for a 5-piece samba band to play some live music for us this night. They arrived at dusk while everyone was having dinner and we were happy enough to give them plates and have some drinks with us.

They put on a great show for almost 2 hours with everyone singing along, dancing along. As the show finished, we gave them thanks and as they were packing up, there was only one of them left.

He said to my friend Rodrigo, "I see that bottle of whiskey there, I'd like to take it with me".

Rodrigo said, "Umm, no. Sorry, but it's mine my friend".

To which he replied, "Hmm. I'm taking it!".

The mood had totally shifted.

"Me and the guys are armed and we're crazy. We don't care. We'll rob you and all the families here!". Rodrigo said, "You're armed? Show me.". So the guy opened up the car boot and showed off a handgun with an extended clip.

He then continued on, "Nice jacket. I want that too."

Rodrigo then said, "Look it's cold, it's my only jacket. Please... We have kids here. We don't want trouble. You have my whisky."

The guy was angry at this point, but then a voice from the inside the car yelled out, "Come on, it's late! Let's just go!". He looked back at Rodrigo, and then begrudgingly got in the car.

And off they went.


in Eldorado do Sul - RS, Brazil


I believe that life is a (relatively) short ride and that it's crucial to squeeze as many good times out of it as possible. I love travelling, music, reading, writing, all kinds o' sport, & my wife!

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