Fat Chinas By Daisy Shepherd

So I was at a friends christening and have reached that stage in life where people look at you with sympathy or fear as you sit there on your lonesome! I am quite happy on my own but people assume that unless you have a man or some brats in tow then you must be unhappy! And if I got lonely someone suggested I could get a cat but I didn’t like animals. Well you could always get a man, the unasked for suggestions continued; ok I replied I’ll get a cat then. Anyway am sitting at this christening trying to feign interest in babies and words cannot describe my utter boredom (I do have my limits) when this boy about 7 years old decided to grace us with his presence. I was talking to his dad at the time so it made sense that he would come and annoy us. “I know how babies are made” he said, “oh great “I thought, here is a smart arse who thinks he can embarrass me. Listen kid I wanted to say, when you have died on stage trying to be funny, nothing could be more embarrassing! “OK so tell me,” I say, trying to humour him and annoy his dad. “Well boys have a penis”, which he acted out pointing to the appropriate part of his body and women have Fat Chinas. Priceless, I couldn’t stop laughing. “You have a budding comedian,” I said to his father who initially had been shade of red I had not seen for a while but then lost his inhibitions and gave in to the laughter that was infectious. Definitely better than a cat!

in Edinburgh, United Kingdom


A late starter in comedy though some would say that I have been a joker all my life. I like challanges so nothing greater than standiing in front of a pleasantly drunk crowd of Scottish people.

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