If the caravan is rocking, don't come knocking By Tina Gale

We went camping to the Junction, where the Murray meets the Ovens river around 1972. Most of the couples shared a large tent and we were the only married couple. I said it was a definite no no, not with 3 other couples in close proximity. Of a night we could hear the rattling of bed clothes, zips being undone on sleeping bags and movement. We giggled quietly but I still maintained it was a no no for us! One fellow camper in our group did lend us his tent for a night, with privacy it was yes yes. We left the camp after a few days and drove over to the Hume Weir to stay with friends in their borrowed caravan. Although they had had a family staying with them for days, (wink wink, no privacy) they gave us the double bed and they slept in the single beds down the other end of the van. Had to be a yes yes, even in the confines of the caravan but we didn’t realise the open air metal coolcardy safe was hanging outside the van and as the caravan rocked and rolled due to our activity the safe crashed, bashed and forewarned all campers in the vicinity that there was action in the van.

in Yarrawonga, Victoria, Australia


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