A Fisherman's Tale By Tina Gale

Will, Dukey and Rington have known each other for decades and loved to get away for a fish, a few beers and lots of tales to share. Okay, maybe a few lies.

Along with Harold the bull terrier, they arrived to fish off the banks of the Murray river using "Bardi grubs" for bait. Or, those grubs which were left after Harold had enjoyed a feast! Damn, they were a dollar each too! The lines were baited and cast, but it started to rain.

Ma, Pop and their little dog were camped nearby along the river and hadn't had a bite in a week or so.

Usually, it's a few stubbies and there's time to relax - not this time! It's a good bite! Will grabs the rod and slips on the mud into the river. The fishing line goes in and under so they firstly needed to fish for the rod. After a few casts they catch the rod with a huge cod still attached. The boys know by the way the fish swims underwater that it's not a carp.

Ma, Pop and the little dog rush down to watch the performance.

Harold isn't a sharer so he picks up the little dog in his teeth and high tails it out of there. Ma panics, Pop rushes after Harold and fortunately Harold drops the little dog unharmed back at their camp.

Although wet and muddy they got their big Murray Cod and a great tale to share.

Where is the video camera when you need it?

in Echuca, Victoria, Australia


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