Deep Purple 32 Years On By Ron Hailes

I love live music, I have all my life and the first major concert I went to was at Festival Hall Melbourne in May 1971 I was 16. The bill was Free, Manfred Mann's Earth Band and Deep Purple. It was a long show full of technical glitches but was incredible, clearly a highlight of my life to that point.

So who could predict that some 32 years later I would again see Deep Purple in concert complete with three of the members who were there in 1971.

It was an amazing show and an interesting mix of people, from huge bikie's to 15 year old kids with their parents. This was the loudest show I have ever been to, the thump of the bass drum was directed through a separate system to boxes along the front of the stage. I am sure if anyone had a heart attack that the night the thump would have restarted their heart. One of the big differences at this show was that people around us were really chatty, talking about previous concerts and experiences. I was surprised to learn that 4 people sitting near us had all been to the same concert as me in 1971, what are the odds of that. Its really cool to be able to relive the past in this way, some people never look back, I always look back and relive these moments. Life is full of highs and lows and seeing Deep Purple live in concert 33 years apart was high. Not as good as the Rolling Stones in 1972 but that's a story for another day.

in Brisbane, Queensland, Australia


I am a sometimes writer, stand up comic ,MC and Radio Presenter- these are my passions but I normally travel throughout SE Asia training sales and management staff in the Auto Industry

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