Bombing at a Stand Up Comedy Gig By Ron Hailes

About a year ago I started on my stand up journey and from day one my greatest fear, like all comedians was "bombing" I have now performed 30 times ,had some great gigs and some average ones but nothing I would call a bomb, train wreck or crash and burn. I guess it had to happen and last week it did, not a complete crash but enough to rock my confidence. The hard thing was the week before I had my best gig ever with basically the same stuff, so what went wrong. I put it down to a couple of things, lack of focus being the main one, this gig was at my own room so I was busy running the show . The food service was a disaster and to top it off the audience was full of workmates. The other thing is I am starting to get bored of my own material ,so I really need to get off my arse and write some new stuff . The lesson I have learnt from this is that Stand Up deserves respect and hard work, lose respect and you lose your way. Now I need to get back on the horse and have another crack. Did you hear the one about....

in Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia


I am a sometimes writer, stand up comic ,MC and Radio Presenter- these are my passions but I normally travel throughout SE Asia training sales and management staff in the Auto Industry

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