Blog 3 Hanging with the stars in LA Part 1 By Richard Colman

This was my first visit to the land of the movie stars and my 1st LA Marathon and 1st Marathon this year with my new direction in sport. The first visit to any new city is always met with excitement about what amazing things I will see and how many challenges I will face at a new race. LA was no different. I made this short trip as a good hit out one month out from my major marathon of the autumn being the London Marathon. I wanted to see where I was at and to find problems which can be fixed before London. I was luckily enough to be invited to the race, with three nights free accommodation in the Sheraton in downtown LA and decided to only stay three nights for this trip. I arrived early Thursday morning and headed out straight away to training to get the body moving as soon as possible – this helps with the recovery from the long 14hr flight from Melbourne. As an elite wheelchair athlete, we were provided with very cheap transport anywhere we wanted, so I took this offer up and headed down to Santa Monica Pier for an easy 10km recovery roll along the famous beach front. The rest of the day was spent recovering and resting.

in Los Angeles, CA


World and Paralympic Champion Wheelchair track athlete. Lover of all sport and traveling to new and wonderful countries. Mentor of new and developing athletes. Searching the world for the dream roll.

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