Just a misunderstanding - hand to hand combat By Pam Damon

Just a misunderstanding - hand to hand combat.

The evening started off quietly enough. It had been a beautiful sunny day, the garden looked wonderful – glowing colours and greenery, lush and enticing. We had had an ordinary enough day, work, school, dinner and settled down to read and watch a little telly often reminiscing how fortunate we were for having found this beautiful house to live in with its bush surrounds.

Suddenly, I saw something out of the corner of my eye but put it down to a trick of the eye that often happens. We all went about our business, laughing and the boys getting ready for bed. After they had settled I went in to watch TV again, alone. There was a movement over my right shoulder and this time I turned quickly enough to see a huge massive spider sitting on the wall right next to me at head level.

This was possibly the most athletic time of my life and I jumped across the room in one bound. Horror. That was the end of sitting in the loungeroom. I soon decided it was time for bed as I had another big day tomorrow. As I walked around the house, I saw two more of the huge hairy beasts on different walls. The last straw was when I entered my bedroom and there was also one in there as well. I was completely freaked out by this time. I went into the boys room, closed the door tight, stuffing clothing under the door and climbed in with my younger son in the bottom bunk. He drowsily woke and asked why I was there. I told him that the house was full of spiders and that I was going to sleep with him. In the morning I heard whispering and my older son saying “Why is Mum in your bed?” The reply was, “She said the house is full of spiders”. Two very wary sons opened the door slowly expected millions of spiders to be there and naturally the spiders had disappeared come daytime.

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