Stomach Problems and Psychological Damage By Maria Santos

Has anyone ever seen that movie Carrie? Well, I can somewhat relate to her and can't blame her for going psycho....

While I was in middle school, I recall a time being in the bathroom thinking to myself, "Wow, the previous person must have some stomach problems because this place really STINKS".

As I left the bathroom, all of my classmates were staring at me and started laughing out loud (LOL'ing?) and I had no idea why. I quickly gathered that they all thought it was hilarious that I was the one who'd turned the bathroom into a sewage plant. The louder I professed my innocence, the louder their laughing became which hurt me so much that I burst into tears.

One of the head teachers came to "my rescue" and sent me home where Mom she started pumping me full of teas and medications to fix my perfectly-fine belly. She also wasn't buying the fact I hadn't destroyed the toilet.

I sheepishly returned to school the next day and one of my "friends" confided that they'd sneakily thrown in a stink bomb to my bathroom stall.

What a-holes they were....

in Avenida Ipiranga, Porto Alegre - Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil


I'm a proud mother who enjoys travelling and avoiding embarrassing situations - most of which have been recounted here.

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