Stiletto trailer By Maria Santos

Here is something embarrassing that happened to me at my friend's wedding.

I went along with my husband and was having a great time. It was a nice ceremony, we had a great dinner and the party was really happening on the dance-floor at the reception. After making a quick trip to the ladies to retouch my make up, I returned to my table and noticed a couple of the other guests looking towards my direction and giggling. I thought that maybe they were being friendly so I let it pass - but I was soon to learn the truth.

I then decided to join everyone on the dance floor and noticed that everyone was now looking in my direction and laughing. Oh no. I quickly looked around to see if I was dirty or otherwise then, to my horror, I noticed that about 3 metres of toilet paper was stuck on my stiletto heel and it had been trailing me like an unwelcome stowaway all of this time! The horror.

As soon as I got rid of it, I had to laugh along with everyone - to keep me from crying from complete and utter embarrassment.

in Petrópolis, Porto Alegre - Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil


I'm a proud mother who enjoys travelling and avoiding embarrassing situations - most of which have been recounted here.

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