Catching Up By Louie

They sit across from each other, both visibly uncomfortable. In the silence all the stories they wanted to tell each other could be heard; that quiet scream beneath the hum that nothingness makes. Lawrence looks into his cup and a smile spreads across his face. "Its funny. Some people think they can divine the future with a cup of tea," Lifting his head to lock eyes with Trevor, his own becoming quite damp. "But in my experience, its a better way to see your present. When I look into this cup I see the reflection of the person I want to be. It took some time, but I'm finally here." Putting his tea on the table separating the two men, he moves around it to sit himself next to Trevor. Their eyes never moving. "Now look into yours." Lawrence gingerly holds Trevor's cup and hands in his own and lifts them so they can peek into the dark liquid. As the ripples calm to a slow lull in the mug, his hands tighten slightly. "Is this what you want to see?" Trevor's breath catches in his throat as a tear lands suddenly on his wrist. Pulling his eyes up from the cup, he turns up to see rivers flowing past Lawrence's laughter lines. Releasing a hand from the mug, Trevor wipes the stream of tears from his smooth cheek. "This. This face is all I've ever wanted to see. You know that. You've always known that." Barely managing to continue holding the mug, their faces meet for the first time in years. At last, they both exhale into one another; this was always meant to be. The mug falls.

in Los Angeles, CA, United States


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